What is Good SEO with Google Today?

1. Get back links from relevant directories with good Page rank and longevity, a good rule of thumb is to look at their Alexa stats as well for traffic.

2. Make sure you are active on all social networks, at least the main ones such as twitter, Facebook, pinterest and linked in and YouTube videos.

3. Have good content on your pages including links to your social media

4. Create a wiki article on your subject.

5 Have good relevant on-page SEO.

6.Try not to use EMD’s anymore as branded domains are better.

7.Get local citations if trying to rank for local key phrases.

I do believe if you want to be able to do business on the internet now, your marketing model can no longer be based exclusively on only traffic from organic searches.You need to develop other sources of traffic (Social Media, Emails, offline marketing, videos) and consider organic traffic as a bonus.

On-page SEO is very important, however link building has always been a grey area where Google is concerned, this is where the problems have been for many a website owner including myself. what was OK 10 years ago is now considered SPAM, reciprocal links were fine at one time and helped lots of websites rank higher in the SERPS and now this is a very grey area indeed and you need to tread carefully in order to keep the site clean.