Ways to get e-commerce website ranked

Basics – Keywords, titles, images, content, favicon, url.

Unique product descriptions with your keywords, run it through woorank.com and follow the advice. Make it load fast, SEO your images, provide a sitemap, put your products via feeds into comparison sites like pricerunner or google shopping (base). Create some fancy landing pages for special offers, beg borrow or buy one-way links. Tell people to search for the name then click it in the results instead of typing it in. Adwords, register as a local business, directories, forums, give a free prize / coupon on the coupon sites. Review products on youtube, face book or tweet something of value (not advert) related to a popular tag. When we search we are googles customers, they wish to provide value to their customers so make your store valuable.

If all else fails you can always hire a local busty girl to wear a t-shirt with your site on it. It is summer in the States, you all know you look even if you say you don’t.