Trade Show Displays

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, trade show exhibits have six times the impact on purchasing than does any other medium. Having a professional, eye catching Trade Show Display is essential in successfully representing your business at every trade show, conference, or convention you attend. Professional Trade Show Displays will ensure that in the few seconds it takes your potential client to walk by your display is all it takes to draw them in for a closer look. Your Trade Show Display is essential in connecting your potential customers with whatever product or service you have to offer. An effective Trade Show Display maximizes your opportunity to generate revenue at every trade show you attend. Trade Show Displays range from basic designs to elaborate and highly customized, depending on your particular needs. Be sure to select a Trade Show Display that meets your individual needs, from concept and design to ease of transportation.

Issues to consider:

  • Portability – does it pack in a single case? Weight? How about lights? Durable cover?
  • Shipping- Case Measurements and Dimensional Weight – Does it meet UPS, FEDEX, USPS, etc., shipping dimensions?
  • Versatility – Can it be used as a curved wall exhibit, a straight wall booth, or broken into individual stand-alone displays? What if you need to later add additional units for a larger display?

Remember, no matter how terrific your product is, without proper marketing it will not sell. Professional Trade Show Displays are worth your investment and will guarantee great results!