Top SEO tips for better ranking of your glasses shop!

1. Register your eyeglasses domain for 10 years ahead.
Nowadays Google considers this aspect and assigns higher credibility to websites with longer due dates. Extending expiration date of your domain by minimum 6 to 10 years will be of immense advantage in terms of SEO.

2. Your home page and other internal key pages are lacking in content.
One of the major factors to rank a website is Content. Content plays the most important role to rank a website, it is also referred to as King among major factors involved to rank websites.

3. You’re missing a glasses blog!
You must be aware of the fact that blogging is the best way to reach your target audience with the useful, educational information they’re out there looking for. Based on recent stats a website with a blog has 76 % more chances to grow organically compared to a website that does not have a blog.

4. Your glasses shop lacks a sitemap.xml file.
Sitemap helps the crawler to index the maximum number of listed pages, whenever search engine crawler visits a website first of all it searches the sitemap and indexes the listed pages promotional activities. Hence for better results it is necessary to get maximum number of pages indexed.

5. Page title tag is not optimized.
It defines the title of the page and your most common keywords which must appear on your page title.
Search engines only show a limited number of characters of the title tag. Google shows the first 66 characters. After that, it simply adds an ellipsis (…). If you want your title tags to look professional, don’t use more than 66 characters.

6. Your home page is missing a meta-description tag.
The meta description tag provides a brief description of your page which can be used by search engines or directories. This description can affect your search engine rankings, and can also show up directly in search engine results (and affect whether or not the user clicks through to your site).

7. You have no eyeglasses related back links support.
The most important feature of Off-page SEO. Back-links are incoming links to a website or web page.

8. Your presence in credible directories.
List your website in the most influential and credible directories to reap the benefit of popularity.

9. Your optical shop has limited social media presence.
Search engines are increasingly using social media activity to determine which pages are most relevant for keyword searches. In order to increase your page rank and to increase revenue generated through organic search you are advised to increase your website social media engagement.

10. Better description of your products.
Description is not there only for they buyer, but for the search engines to find what the buyer is looking for. Use this to it’s full potential

11. Adding HTML5 Rotos (rotating photos) instead of 2D images on your site

12. Your home page looking all links user friendly as like (url , review section, rating section, easy payment options and image optimization)

13. Social sharing button is most imp on website home page and products pages for user and website ranking.

14.Back-link should be eyeglasses related sites (all website page and domain authority should be good)

15.Glasses shop should be good page load time.

16.Website should be mobile optimization and responsive.
and many more tips for better e-commerce business

17. Add a phone number. Add an actual address

18. Directories and Social book marketing submissions and blog posting must be done daily. This can help to improve your site in google rankings.