Tips for increasing backlinks for your Blogs

1) Commenting on others blogs (No spam please)

When you add a comment on a blog, they get indexed and you get a backlink.
In the comment field, enter your name, website URL, email address and comment. Please DO NOT include a link in the comment or it will be marked as a spam by akismet or the administrator. Comment on useful blogs and not on all blogs which you find. Comment something useful rather than commenting “wow thanks”, “nice tips” , “thanks nice post” ..
2) Directory Submission

Submit your site to directories and free directories, they might cost a bit, but they are good.
These directories better your PR and increase your backlinks
3) Link Exchange

4) Participate in Forums

Use your site link with a nice anchor text on the signatures of Forums. Keep posting on forums and they would probably increase your backlinks. Don’t make them spammy as they would be deleted by the moderators there at the forums.
You can search for forums or I know a few of them:
Digital Point Forums
SitePoint Forums Forums
Web Talk Forums
You would be interested in finding more !
5) Bait your link

This might be a new term for you, Link baiting means creating a controversy and an interesting post in your site and telling about it to others on forums, this will help in increasing backlinks and also other will talk about your blog, so backlinks keep increasing !