Timeshare Resale

A Timeshare is a property that is “owned ” by many different parties each of whom has use of that property for an amount of time each year specified in the Timeshare agreement. Timeshare properties are usually vacation destinations and Timeshares can be found all over the globe from Europe to Rio; on beaches and in mountains; even in Disney World!

Some Timeshares commit the owner to the same week or two weeks each year while others are more flexible and allow owners to chose the time that they would like to spend at the property. Some Timeshares are limited to one specific piece of property while others provide multiple destinations for owners to chose from each time they stay.

Timeshares are bought and sold like homes and are often financed either through a private lending institution or through the Timeshare company itself. Some Timeshare companies provide owner’s with property deeds which allow the Timeshare to be considered a second home for tax deduction purposes.

Timeshare Resales allow individuals to buy in to a Timeshare often at considerable savings. Timeshare resales are most often available from private owners who are selling their specified share of time at the property or properties. Timeshare Resale buyers have the option to buy the Timeshare outright or to finance the purchase. In addition to the purchase price there are usually yearly maintenance fees required of Timeshare owners.

Timeshare companies and their offers and packages vary enormously. Potential investors need to spend some time researching what is out there, comparing costs and programs before deciding on a property. Timeshare Resales are certainly worth investigating and may be the key to getting just what you want for what you are able to or willing to pay.