The Magic Of Backlinks

Here are, we strongly believe that backlinks are the KEY to the internet. If you think about a spiders web you can see where they came up with the name web and how backlinks are the backbone of the internet. The point is to be the middle of the web, so all the other peices of the web are connecting to you. All search engines use backlinks to find what the best sites are. When a spider crawls someones site and finds a link to another site, it splits and goes to that site. So, the more links you have to your site, the more the spider will see how much your site is linked to and will record your “popularity”. Popular websites are always at the top of the search engines.

Getting backlinks is a lot easier than you may think. These days there are many untraditional ways to acquire quality links to your site. Back in the old days of the web people solely got their backlinks from other websites. Now, there are various ways you can get a good amount of backlinks. We will explain some methods we use when gaining backlinks to our site. Though, these are every way, they are a good start.

One great method to gain quality backlinks is Wikipedia . Wikipedia is a user edited encyclopedia that is loved by google. Google will rank a wikipedia link before anything else in its search engine. Getting a link to your site from here can strongly increase traffic and ranking. Going back to our example in our previous post lets say we own “Jims Car Parts”. We just search wikipedia for certain types of car parts like “mufflers”. Then we just edit the page on wikipedia and add a link to our muffers section and add the appropriate anchor text.