Search Engine Positioning

Due to the explosive growth of Search Engine Advertising a number of companies have developed services to Optimize Search Engine ads for clients. For a cost, Search Engine Optimization Services promise to improve your Ad Ranking or Ad Position thus improving the visibility of your ad and increasing your sales. There are two major categories of Search Engine Positioning: Sponsored Listings and Natural Listings.

Sponsored Listings are those ads “sponsored” by the Search Engine itself and often are identified as such on the search results page. The Search Engine company gets paid to show the sponsored ads.

Natural Listings are the listings that appear on the search results page not because the search engine is being paid to put them there but because they are a “natural” response to the search.

Search Engine Positioning Services usually offer optimization of both sponsored and natural listings though you may chose to pay for Positioning of just one category. Additionally they may offer features like key phrase analysis and research, service account set up and monthly monitoring and reporting of ad performance.