Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale in a nutshell is the end point of the retail purchase. Point of Sale Software allows retail operations to streamline the “check out” process for themselves and for their customers. Point of Sale Software includes such features as:

  • barcode scanning
  • cash and credit/debit transactions
  • receipt production
  • management of gift cards, vouchers, admissions, discounts and subscriptions
  • supplier management
  • quantified tracking of sales and promotions
  • ROI tracking from marketing campaigns
  • computerized inventory and ability to access inventory levels in real time and quickly match them with floor counts
  • help identifying consumer purchasing patterns
  • ability to run standard and customized reports
  • more…
  • Point of Sale Software helps businesses increase profits, reduce shrinkage, produce reports, target marketing and manage inventory. If you own a retail business, Point of Sale Software may be just what you need to make your company more efficient and to increase your revenue and productivity.