Pixel Advertising

Pixel Advertising also called micro advertising is a form of online advertising in which an ad is placed on a web site using tiny dots otherwise known as Pixels. The Pixel ad image serves primarily as a link to the advertiser’s product, service or web site. A single Pixel is very small and of little use in terms of advertising space. Collectively, however Pixels serve as functional links to drive traffic to an advertisers site. A large enough group of them will constitute a proper text or image ad in itself. Typically Pixel Advertising sites sell space in minimum 10×10 blocks of pixels and advertisers may purchase as many of these blocks as they desire.

The concept for Pixel Advertising is credited to a UK student named Alex Tew who deployed his milliondollarhomepage (so named because it offers a total of 1 million Pixels at a price of 1 dollar each) on the web in August 2005 as a means of funding his college education.

Whether Pixel Advertising is a fad or a time enduring form of marketing remains to be seen. What is evident is that this form of advertising provides the opportunity for advertisers with a low budget to purchase potentially effective marketing for little money. There are hundreds of Pixel Advertising web sites to chose from so find the one that best fits your needs.