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Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times

If you’re sending out hundreds of reciprocal link requests each week and have a 14 page links section on your site, please do the following: 1. Find the time listed on the bottom right hand side of your monitor. 2. Place your mouse cursor over it and double click 3. Please change the year on […]

Top 5 Ways to Build Links and Traffic For Google

#1 – Article Marketing – Use Article directories such as here’s a huge list but Ezinearticles is the best IMO ****Tip**** If you can justify the cost you can find writers here at DP, http://www.getafreelancer make sure you that you request atleast a few samples from your writer and […]

how to use php show different contents for different countries

you’ll need to use something like GeoIP or IP2Location to automatically find out where in the world a user is… You can then use something similar to: PHP Code: if($location == “GB”){ //Content for users in GB (Great Britain/mainland UK) } elseif($location == “JP”){ // Content for users in Japan } else{ //default content in […]