Medical Alarm

A Medical Alarm is a device designed to summon help for an individual in the event that he or she is unable to reach the telephone in an emergency such as illness or injury. Like the familiar “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial an individual can call for help by pushing a button worn on a pendant around his or her neck.

The leading medical alarms have simple, easy-to-install table top units that connect the phone line. When an emergency occurs, a person needs simply to press the button on the pendant from anywhere in the house and a wireless signal similar to that of a TV remote control activates the alarm base unit. The base unit then automatically dials the Medical Alarm company transmits a code that identifies the name and address of the person in need. Additional information including specific health problems may also be available to the Medical Alarm operator.

Operating like a speakerphone, a loud clear speaker on the base unit can be heard throughout the house as the representative from the Medical Alarm company attempts to communicate with the individual in the home and identify the problem. The speakerphone is quite sensitive and allows the representative from the Medical Alarm company to hear a person even if he or she is in another room. Upon careful assessment of the situation the representative is able to notify family and dispatch police, fire or ambulance to the address.The representative will typically stay on the line with the person in need until help arrives.

A Medical Alarm provides peace of mind for elderly or at risk individuals and their loved ones.