Link Building : It’s All Spam, Right?

Link building is hard to say spam or not, depending on what you use, they can tell you a wide range of things:

if your backlinks are follow/nofollow
if you have more nofollow than follow and possible reasons
if your backlinks are somehow toxic/spammy for Google
if your links are old or new (and maybe for how long)
if there’s some pattern in your links that could be suspicious somehow
if your backlinks come from known authority sites or new/non-authoritative sites
if your links contain possibly spammy anchors or come from an exact match domain

Use tool to check your backlinks, and contact the webmaster and ask if they placed the links editorially or if someone sold them to them. If the latter is the case, check with them and ask for removal; if it’s the former case (editorial links), ask them to move the links to an in-text context, so they are no longer in the footer (or to keep them in the footer with a rel=nofollow attribute, if they wish).