Wrongful Death Settlement

An American tort law action which claims damages from any person who, through negligence or direct act or omission, caused the death of certain relatives (eg. spouse, children or parent). These actions are commenced under special “wrongful death” statutes because under the common law, there is no right of action for survivors for their own […]

Viatical Settlement

A viatical settlement occurs when a person with a terminal or chronic illness sells his or her life insurance policy to a third party for cash payment. The Viatical Settlement provider is the person or company that buys the life insurance policy. The Viatical Settlement provider becomes the new owner and/or beneficiary of the life […]

Injury Lawyer-Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyers are attorneys who specialize in representing victims of trucking accidents. A trucking accident occurs when large trucks (10,000+ lbs.)collide with other vehicles or pedestrians. Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States. Of these, approximately 5,000 trucking accidents result in fatalities. In fact, one out of every eight traffic […]

Tax Attorney

A Tax Attorney is one who specializes in cases dealing with the IRS and State Tax Agencies. Specializing in Tax cases allow Tax Attorneys to focus their knowledge on the complexities of the Tax Codes and Laws. Often times through negotiations a Tax Lawyer can arrange to greatly lessen the Taxes a client may owe. […]

Structured Settlement

People receive Structured Settlement payments as the result of legal action. If one party sues another, there might be a settlement and the defendant might agree to make payment over time. The defendant, in conjunction with an insurance company, purchases an annuity policy from another insurance company. The annuity policy makes payment now and in […]

Structured Settlement Funding

Settlement Funding is the purchasing of Settlement type payments by a company. This is beneficial because Settlement Funding can garner an individual a lump sum of cash as opposed to the smaller structured payments they may be receiving. However the lump sum will be a percentage of the total value of the total settlement, not […]

Senior Settlement

The selling of a life insurance policy is called a Senior Settlement. Individuals who own a life insurance policy but have no intended beneficiary can choose to sell the policy to a company that will give them money to use while still alive. In exchange the company then becomes the beneficiary on their life insurance […]

Products Liability

Products Liability or Product Defect encompasses a number of legal claims that allow an injured party to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer, seller or any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of a product. Products Liability refers to the liability of for damage caused by that product. This includes the manufacturer of […]

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury means any injury resulting from libel, slander, malicious prosecution, or false arrest, any bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death sustained by any person and caused by an occurrence for which an individual or entity may be held liable. Any type of bodily injury as a result of an attack, negligence, and/or accident can […]

Patent Attorney

A Patent Attorney helps inventors gain ownership rights to their product. A Patent Attorney is key in keeping you invention rights from being stollen. Patent Rights makes it illegal for another person or company to copy or immitate an invention.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect refers to the care or lack thereof of residents in the many thousands of Nursing care facilities in this county. Neglect is defined as the negligent failure of any person having the care or custody of an elder or a dependent adult to exercise that degree of care which a reasonable person […]

mesothelioma attorney

Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, a mineral that was widely used 1940s-1970s in commercial and residential building materials. The cancer affects the mesothelium or thin membranes that line the abdomen and chest walls and has been shown to do so after as few as 30 days exposure. Asbestos fibers are easily […]

Lemon Law

Do you think your car is a lemon? Lemon laws or Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act are in place to protect consumers from vehicles that are under Warranty and suffer an unacceptable number of repairs or repeated defects that substantially impair the use, safety or value of the vehicle. The bottom line is that if your car […]


DUI, DWI, or Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol is a regulation used to prevent motorists from operating vehicles when they have been drinking and may not execute safe judgment. As blood alcohol levels rise neurological reflexes so important for safe driving decline. The determination of DUI is made by measuring a driver’s blood alcohol […]

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys often deal with life and death issues. They carry the future of their clients in their hands and as you might expect with that type of responsibility can come a hefty price tag. Because there is no way for the Criminal Defense Lawyers to recoup their operating costs through the courts they […]

Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Cerebral Palsy is a disease that is caused by an injury to an individual’s central nervous system sometime before, at, or after birth. The injuries cause changes to the structure of the individual’s brain. The physical effects such as muscle spasticity and the inability to walk may not display them selves immediately. Most commonly, Cerebral […]

Asbestos Lawsuit

Asbestos is the name given to a group of minerals that occur naturally as bundles of fibers, which can be separated into thin threads. Asbestos was used widely beginning around World War II. There are more than 5,000 products that contain or have contained Asbestos including, car brakes, insulation, fireproofing, roofing, siding, ceiling and floor […]

Insurance Settlement

An Insurance Settlement is the payment of proceeds by an insurance company to the insured to settle an insurance claim within the guidelines stipulated in the insurance policy. Insurance settlements are usually paid as structured settlements not as lump sums. Insurance companies will usually try to negotiate the best settlement for themselves which is not […]