How did I increase search engine traffic 41 times in four months

It is well known that search engine traffic is more important than any other type of traffic. Traffic from search engine is targeted at the right readers and always offer the most return. The return means either, AdSense revenue, or the promotional results of your products.

Over the last three months, I have done some major changes to my weblog which was started on Oct.31, 2007 and have generated dramatic search traffic increase. I would like to share this top secret to you and hope it will help you with you blog as well.’s unique visitors from search engine (average two pageviews per visitor and average visit time 2 min)

Jan 256
Feb 811
Mar 1-30: 4090 (five folds 0f Feb).
April 10740 (42 times of Jan)

There are two major reasons which result in the increase of search engine results. First, I have obtained google page rank 5 on Feb 29, and I noticed the sudden jump of google search from Feb 15-Feb 29. My website site was indexed in google at about middle November and the page rank is normally published ca 3 months later. I am extremely happy with the page rank 5 only a few months after the site was set up. Building links are the major way to get good google page rank. Over the last few months, I have been very aggressively building links from high Page rank sites, such as PR7, PR7, Flickr PR9, PR7. As an amateur photographer, I like to contribute on the photo forums and help other people. Social networks are also very good to build links since most of the big social networks have high page rank, such as digg PR8, stumbleupon PR8. Another thing you need always do is to submit your blog to high page ranking blog directories.

The second, also the most important which I have not read any where. Before you write a post, think about what people will search from google? which kind of problems they might have in their work, life? Do a google search first to see if you can get a lot of answers. If you can you should not write such posts since there are too many out there and there are few chances yours will be picked up. If you did not get much good search results, you should do some more search to get some related articles and write you own based your both your idea and background articles out there.

With this method, I have increased my search engine traffic from 256 in jan to 10740 in april, 41 times increase over 4 months!

Author: Netmark