Here is how I got No. 1 in Google within 4 days

Today I have something very special for you… I’ll show you how you can get top 10 positions in google within a couple of days.

It’s the exact same technique that I’ve used to rank one of my websites for the search term “jv giveaway script”. Go to google and search for it… you’ll see that I have position 1, 2, 4, 8 and many more… all ranked within less than a week!

Actually I had planned to write a complete ebook or report about this but I’m currently to busy with all my projects. So I’ve decided to give this strategy to my valued subscribers instead of selling it. It’s my way to say Thank You for reading my emails.

Are you ready? Well then let’s go…

Step 1: Find Keywords with less than 100.000 competing websites

Tools: Wordtracker

Step 2: Register a domain that includes your keyword.

Example: I found the keyword “Pakistani Cooking” and want to rank for this term. So I go and register the domains or

Step 3: Build your website and include your keyword on your index page in the title and in the first sentence of your body text.

Suggestion: Use WordPress to build your website. A website on wordpress is preferred by google and naturally ranks higher.

Step4: Bookmark your website. Use as many bookmarking services as possible to get many 1-way links.

Suggestion: You can use or to speed up your bookmarking process.

Step 5: Write one or more articles including your keyword again in the title and the first sentence. Submit your articles to as many article directories as possible.

Suggestion: You can use ISnare to automatically distribute your articles to hundreds of directories.

Step 6: Create one or more Squidoo lenses. Again, include your keyword in the title and the first sentence. If possible include the keyword in your lense domain. You can also use your keyword and variations of it in the Tags of your lense.

Start to build your lense here:

Step 7: Bookmark your Squidoo lense just like you bookmarked your website in step 4

Step 8: Submit your website to as many directories as possible.

Suggestion: Use the semi-automated DigiXmas Submitter at

That’s it! If you have chosen the right keyword, then your website, your squidoo lense and your bookmarks will appear all over the first pages in google and other search engines. If you have chosen a keyword with higher competition, then you simply need to build up more backlinks by creating more squidoo lenses and by submitting more articles.

If you are new to internet marketing, then you might not completely understand why to do certain things in the strategy above. All I can say here is Just Do It… it works.

To your success