Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record Systems are the future of Medical Record keeping designed to help small and large medical practices cut costs and increase revenues, improve quality of care and reduce risk. The Electronic Medical Record replaces the traditional paper chart and integrates multiple other aspects of patient care including:

  • appointment scheduling
  • workflow management
  • patient registry
  • computerized charting
  • diagnostic coding optimization
  • generation of electronic Superbill and eligibility verification
  • entry of lab orders and lab results
  • management of images that can be scanned in ie: radiological studies
  • management of patient referrals
  • document generation
  • template generation and editing
  • clinical decision support
  • follow-up and recall tracking
  • generation of patient education materials related to specific visits and diagnoses
  • Comprehensive systems may also have voice recognition capabilities for dictation directly into the electronic record.
  • Most Electronic Medical Record systems incorporate a medications component that tracks each patients current
  • prescriptions, refills and can generate prescriptions on command after checking the database for potential drug-drug interactions.

Electronic Medical Record(EMR) increases productivity by streamlining workflow and maximizing billing while at the same time improving quality of care. Providers can see more patients without decreasing face-to-face encounter time. By improving documentation EMR also reduce liability risk and the security of data is increased compared to that in most paper records.

There are many companies that offer Electronic Medical Record systems and software. Look for a company that will provide extensive technical support during the initial integration of the EMR into your practice and will continue to work closely with you to tailor the system to your needs. The considerable cost of these systems will be recovered with the improved efficiency and the growth of your practice.