Donate a Timeshare

Timeshare Donation is an easy, cost effective way to be rid of a Timeshare you no longer want without the hassle and expense of selling it. Features of Donating a Timeshare include: <!–more–><br><br>

  • No Cost to You
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Get a big Tax Write-off
  • Save Money in Broker’s Fees
  • No More Maintenance fees, Taxes or Special Assessments

Timeshare Donation is the perfect solution for many would be sellers. Donors can get rid of their property in a matter of weeks at no cost to themselves while getting a tax write-off. By donating, timeshare owners capitalize on their profits while also assisting their favorite charitable organization. A win win situation! There are organizations that specialize in accepting Timeshare Donations and some will let you chose the charity you would like to receive your donation.