A Diaphragm is a latex cup with a firm flexible lip. The cup is filled with spermicidal jelly and inserted into the vagina before intercourse. A diaphragm must be fitted to a woman’s body to ensure proper positioning. The flexible rubber ring must fit between the underside of the cervix and the pubic bone at the front of the vagina. A diaphragm is designed to block sperm from entering the cervix. The spermicidal jelly is an integral player in this method and without it the diaphragm is essentially useless. A diaphragm must be left in place for several hours after intercourse and if multiple acts of intercourse are desired, spermicidal jelly must be inserted into the vagina between acts for proper contraception. A diaphragm must be refitted after a 20 pound weight loss or gain and after childbirth. A diaphragm should also be replaced every 2 years as the latex tends to breakdown rendering the diaphragm potentially ineffective.