Debt Management

Are your credit card balances keeping you up at night? Personal debt is a growing problem. Debt management is the key to paying off that debt.

Follow these steps to start the Debt Management process:

  • Call your credit card companies and ask about lowering your APR (annual percentage rate). If your credit is in good standing you can be aggressive about this. Let them know that you will take your business elsewhere if your request is not granted.
  • Pay off your highest interest accounts first.
  • Don’t miss payments! As long as you make some monthly payment, your accounts will stay out of collections and your credit will not be adversely affected.
  • Don’t continue to use your credit cards. Put them out of sight!

Finally and most importantly if you have substantial debt seek professional help!
Debt Management specialists are professionals with experience in helping individuals and families eliminate debt. Often Debt Management specialists can negotiate lower interest rates, lower minimum payments, and even lower balances without adversely affecting your credit.

The first step to better sleep is making the commitment to begin a Debt Management program whether you do it on your own or with the help of a Debt Management specialist.