Contraceptive Vaginal Ring (Nuva Ring)

Contraceptive Vaginal Ring. “The Ring” is a flexible ring resembling a clear rubber washer made of a synthetic polymer that contains estrogen and progesterone. The ring is inserted deep into the vagina where it stays for three weeks. During that time the hormones are absorbed through the vaginal tissue into the bloodstream. After the third week the ring is removed and left out for a week. Most women will get a period during this “Ring free” week. After the “ring free” week a new ring is inserted and the cycle begins again. The ring has the same basic efficacy as COCPs with a blood hormone level of about half that of COCPs. For this reason the ring may be an option for women who experience unwanted side effects with COCPs. The ring contains estrogen and therefore may not be used by women who have absolute contraindications to estrogen use.