Web Hosting Review

A Web Hosting Review is exactly that, a review and analysis of web hosting sites. Web Hosting Reviews conduct in depth studies that compare and rate web hosting companies based on a number of criteria in order to help the consumer pick the most appropriate host. These reviews are usually free of charge to you […]

Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software is powerful management software used to track and report employee work hours and attendance. Enterprise level Time Tracking Software offers the ability to handle time, attendance, and labor tracking, along with attendance policy automation and employee benefit tracking. Some time attendance solutions offer direct integration with payroll software as well as web […]

Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way your company finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service, manufactures that product or service and delivers it to customers. The following are five basic components for supply chain management:

Software Escrow

Software Escrow means deposit of the software’s source code into an account held by a third party escrow agent. Escrow is typically requested by the party licensing the software (the “licensee”), to ensure maintenance of the software. Basically, Software Escrow companies are a go between for businesses that use custom made Software and the Software […]

Search Engine Positioning

Due to the explosive growth of Search Engine Advertising a number of companies have developed services to Optimize Search Engine ads for clients. For a cost, Search Engine Optimization Services promise to improve your Ad Ranking or Ad Position thus improving the visibility of your ad and increasing your sales. There are two major categories […]

Search Engine Marketing/SEM

Search Engine Marketing was born from a recognition that when a consumer or business person searches the Web they are in “hunt mode”. Marketers understand the importance of “hunt mode” and that it indicates that searcher is most likely somewhere in the buying cycle researching a product or service to try to satisfy a need […]

Security Consulting

Security Consulting is the broad term for the expert advice provided to businesses to improve Network Security Performance by means of innovative solutions to their problems. Businesses with or without full scale IT departments turn to Security Consultants for vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, IT architecture reviews, load testing, security policies, as well as base-level system […]

Network Security

Network Security refers to the proper safeguarding of everything associated with a network including data, media, and equipment. Network Security Systems are security procedures and controls that protect a network from:

Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software assists large and small businesses with tracking and scheduling of maintenance activities. Maintenance Management Software streamlines your company’s maintenance processes and services saving time and resources and making these tasks efficient and organized. Maintenance Management Software simplifies tasks from work orders to preventive maintenance, equipment management, facilities management, inventory and labor management.

Financial Performance Management

Financial Performance Management is a Software Business Solution that helps companies, organizations and other entities and enterprises enhance and optimize financial performance. This Financial Software may include capabilities to manage and report funds, track and report on capital funding projects and grants. Other features may include :

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is an advanced form of web hosting in which the customer rents, and has complete control over, an entire Server. Dedicated Server hosting offers you the opportunity to rent an entire server with on-location technical support. You can customize the Server as you want. Dedicated Server Hosts provide Internet connections which are […]

Data Replication

Data Replication is the process of copying a database from a source to a target in a well-managed, reproducible and consistent manner. Enterprise Data Replication solutions typically include real-time processing and synchronization, platform independence, and capacity for replication of distributed data sources. Data Replication is used to provided mirrored copies of large databases, but more […]

Data Recovery

Because most companies in today’s technological world rely heavily on computer networks to store and manage data when a system “crashes” or a hard drive is damaged, the result can be catastrophic. Data Recovery companies can recover much if not all information from damaged hard drives. There are various causes for a hard drive crash […]

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition is the process by which events in the real world are sampled and translated into machine-readable signals. Data Acquisition typically utilizes sensors, transmitters and other instruments to collect signals, waveforms etc. which are then processed and analyzed by a computer.

Crystal Reports Training

Crystal Reports is a software application made by Seagate Software that is called a Report Generator. It looks at a database and can pull out all kinds of data and print it the way you want. Crystal Reports is a third-party reporting software that works with PeopleSoft (as well as other systems) and is used […]

Computer Rental

Computer equipment rental can be a low cost, low overhead solution to the computer needs of many businesses. There are a number of companies that offer nationwide computer rental services. Computer rental plans may be short term or long term. Day-to-day rental rates are higher on a per day basis than long term rental rates […]

Collaboration Software

Collaboration Software is sophisticated software used to facilitate team work over the web. Collaboration Software solutions allow communication of complex information among groups that may be geographically far apart so your team can work with resources outside your organization as effectively as if they were down the hall.