Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Cerebral Palsy is a disease that is caused by an injury to an individual’s central nervous system sometime before, at, or after birth. The injuries cause changes to the structure of the individual’s brain. The physical effects such as muscle spasticity and the inability to walk may not display them selves immediately. Most commonly, Cerebral Palsy occurs before delivery due to infection, stroke, or metabolic problems such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism while in utero. Although Cerebral Palsy cannot be cured healthcare providers can use a number of tools to help control and often times improve the symptoms. Physical therapy, braces, medications, and even surgery may be implemented. If it is suspected that the Cerebral Palsy is a result of negligence at or after birth on the part on one or more individuals you may wish to contact a Cerebral Palsy Attorney. Cerebral Palsy Attorneys are more familiar with the specifics of Cerebral Palsy cases. Cerebral Palsy Attorneys can often times get their clients excellent compensation without ever having to go to court.