Brochure Printing

When considering a brochure printing service for your next marketing brochure, there are a number of important factors that you should consider. Firstly, make sure to chose a reputable service. Find a company with a good record for efficiency, customer service and customer loyalty. Cheaper may not mean better. If the brochure isn’t delivered on time what it looks like and how much you saved are irrelevant.

Once you have decided on a company, turn your focus to the layout of the brochure . The number of folds you select and the size of the brochure stock govern the layout. A tri-fold brochure provides six panels for your marketing message. A bi-fold will provide you with only four which may be enough. You can also select a larger paper stock (11×17 for example) for more room. Printers will normally offer paper sizes of 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14 and 11 x 17 but you can also specify a custom paper size for which you will probably pay extra. Brochures can be printed in two, three, or full color. The number of colors you select will affect the price of the final product. The more colors you choose, the more the finished brochure will cost.

Finally, remember that content is the most important part of your brochure. once it has been printed changes will require a reprint which is costly and time consuming. You may want to consult a professional designer and be sure to have several editorial reviews of the content before the final draft is sent to print. Edit twice(or five times)print once! Even a small typo looks unprofessional an can ruin your marketing campaign.