Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness involves keeping meticulous track of ones menstrual cycle through monitoring of basal body temperature, cervical mucous and symptoms of ovulation. When done correctly it is a very effective method of pregnancy prevention but it is extremely labor intensive… Read moreFertility Awareness

Cervical Cap

A Cervical cap is a small cup that fits relatively snugly over the cervix and works much the same way as the diaphragm does. A cervical cap must be fitted by a trained professional and the user must have special… Read moreCervical Cap


Most people are familiar with condoms. Condoms are available in latex and non-latex materials. There are both male and female condoms. Male condoms are placed over the erect penis while female condoms are inserted into the vagina leaving a ring… Read moreCondoms


Abstinence is the most effective method of Birth Control as well as the only way to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infection and disease. Abstinence means not engaging in sexual intercourse.


A Diaphragm is a latex cup with a firm flexible lip. The cup is filled with spermicidal jelly and inserted into the vagina before intercourse. A diaphragm must be fitted to a woman’s body to ensure proper positioning. The flexible… Read moreDiaphragm