Anti-Aging CME

‘Anti-aging’ is any intervention intended to preserve and extend one’s life span. All time honored health promoting behaviors such as good hygiene and various safety measures are Anti-aging. Diet, exercise and stress reduction are ‘anti-aging’ by virtue of their ability to increase well being and life span. The following are some of the current therapies and offerings included in today’s Antiaging field:

  • anti-oxidant supplementation and hormone replacement therapy is gathering evidence of Antiaging activity through their ability to prevent and reverse cellular degeneration associated with aging.
  • cosmetic products and ‘cosmeceuticals’ available to make us look and feel younger
  • skin rejuvenation products and procedures that improve skin texture and tone
  • Hormone replacement therapies for both men and women
  • Anti Aging nutritional supplements and nutritional programs
    stress reduction therapies
  • Anti Aging education programs and anti aging continuing education programs/CME for physicians and other health professionals concentrate on current procedures and medications dedicated to Anti-aging treatments for patients