Air Ambulance

An Air Ambulance is a helicopter or air plane that is specifically designed to carry sick or injured people usually to or between hospitals. An Air ambulances is considerably faster than ground transport and allows the patient to fly the quickest route from point to point, something a traditional ambulance cannot do.

An Air Ambulance can provide transport in desperate situations. During a trauma time may be of the essence. When every second counts an Air Ambulance can get to the hospital fast. Often critical care or emergency patients require specialized care from a facility that is hundreds of miles away and an Air Ambulance may be the safest and fastest way to transfer them. Even for transport in non critical situations an Air Ambulance may be the most logical means if a long distance is to be traveled and medical monitoring or assistance is required during transport or the individual being transported and his or her medical equipment cannot be accommodated by commercial airplanes.

Depending on the Air Ambulance service used, different levels of in-flight medical assistance are available. Some are very similar to normal ambulances and are able to provide basic triage care in flight. While others are more advanced and able to function as a mini trauma center stabilizing a patient en route to the hospital.

The Air Ambulance services on this page are some of the most reputable in the business.