Quick checks to come on top of Google Ranks

Many people forget to check these basic things before making blog posts or writing an article and then wonder why they they suck in Google SERP. So here is a check list:

1. Is the keyword related to the entire websites content?
2. Is the keyword you are aiming at in the title?
3. Have you typed the keyword in the article body in different forms? Like if you type LA Real Estate in your article a 100 times, Google will find out, type it in different ways like real estate in LA etc.. Continue reading “Quick checks to come on top of Google Ranks”

how to use php show different contents for different countries

you’ll need to use something like GeoIP or IP2Location to automatically find out where in the world a user is…
You can then use something similar to:

PHP Code:
if($location == “GB”){ //Content for users in GB (Great Britain/mainland UK) } elseif($location == “JP”){ // Content for users in Japan } else{ //default content in English, perhaps }