Top SEO tips for better ranking of your glasses shop!

1. Register your eyeglasses domain for 10 years ahead.
Nowadays Google considers this aspect and assigns higher credibility to websites with longer due dates. Extending expiration date of your domain by minimum 6 to 10 years will be of immense advantage in terms of SEO.

2. Your home page and other internal key pages are lacking in content.
One of the major factors to rank a website is Content. Content plays the most important role to rank a website, it is also referred to as King among major factors involved to rank websites. Continue reading “Top SEO tips for better ranking of your glasses shop!”

Link Building : It’s All Spam, Right?

Link building is hard to say spam or not, depending on what you use, they can tell you a wide range of things:

if your backlinks are follow/nofollow
if you have more nofollow than follow and possible reasons
if your backlinks are somehow toxic/spammy for Google
if your links are old or new (and maybe for how long)
if there’s some pattern in your links that could be suspicious somehow
if your backlinks come from known authority sites or new/non-authoritative sites
if your links contain possibly spammy anchors or come from an exact match domain

Use tool to check your backlinks, and contact the webmaster and ask if they placed the links editorially or if someone sold them to them. If the latter is the case, check with them and ask for removal; if it’s the former case (editorial links), ask them to move the links to an in-text context, so they are no longer in the footer (or to keep them in the footer with a rel=nofollow attribute, if they wish).

What is Good SEO with Google Today?

1. Get back links from relevant directories with good Page rank and longevity, a good rule of thumb is to look at their Alexa stats as well for traffic.

2. Make sure you are active on all social networks, at least the main ones such as twitter, Facebook, pinterest and linked in and YouTube videos.

3. Have good content on your pages including links to your social media

4. Create a wiki article on your subject.

5 Have good relevant on-page SEO.

6.Try not to use EMD’s anymore as branded domains are better.

7.Get local citations if trying to rank for local key phrases.
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Ways to get e-commerce website ranked

Basics – Keywords, titles, images, content, favicon, url.

Unique product descriptions with your keywords, run it through and follow the advice. Make it load fast, SEO your images, provide a sitemap, put your products via feeds into comparison sites like pricerunner or google shopping (base). Create some fancy landing pages for special offers, beg borrow or buy one-way links. Tell people to search for the name then click it in the results instead of typing it in. Adwords, register as a local business, directories, forums, give a free prize / coupon on the coupon sites. Review products on youtube, face book or tweet something of value (not advert) related to a popular tag. When we search we are googles customers, they wish to provide value to their customers so make your store valuable.

If all else fails you can always hire a local busty girl to wear a t-shirt with your site on it. It is summer in the States, you all know you look even if you say you don’t.

Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques

1. Quality Content
When we first started looking at SEO as a separate entity to website build there was one phrase that we would continually hear, “content is King”, and it’s true. There is nothing more valuable you can do to optimise your site for search engines than offer unique well written content. A search engines aim is to serve up what it believes to be the most appropriate website for any given search to the end user. Continue reading “Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques”

Socialize your way to Search Engine placement

if you’re looking for new ways to improve search engine placement of your website, then you should definitely try socializing more online.

i am talking about social network sites like facebook, myspace, friendster, etc. These sites are not only online hangouts for people on their free time, but also very popular sites. And if you get links pointing to your website with these high google PR websites, it could just be your way on claiming top spot on search results of your selected keywords. And all these without spending anything.

people are too focused on social networks like digg, stumble upon, etc.. but they fail to realize the importance of online hangouts where you might actually enjoy spending time at.

How to use blog to promote your own site?

you can get two benefits by adding blog into your site. (1) content can be increased with the passage of time and those could help fix content to rank up. (2)blogs are primalarly SEs friendly, so that no need to optimize. Blog can be favorable, if it uses in a right manner, like urls must be SE friendly, content must be unique, no link farming, don’t use your blog for link building, if you have better contents, people wants your link to be placed on their sites. So overall blogging is a way to enhance site content and let the crawlers to visit frequently.

How to Check Internal Page Rank

I like using

These tools will probably get all indexed pages from query.. and then fetch PR for those pages.

At present, it only show 100 pages.

Tips for increasing backlinks for your Blogs

1) Commenting on others blogs (No spam please)

When you add a comment on a blog, they get indexed and you get a backlink.
In the comment field, enter your name, website URL, email address and comment. Please DO NOT include a link in the comment or it will be marked as a spam by akismet or the administrator. Comment on useful blogs and not on all blogs which you find. Comment something useful rather than commenting “wow thanks”, “nice tips” , “thanks nice post” ..
2) Directory Submission

Submit your site to directories and free directories, they might cost a bit, but they are good.
These directories better your PR and increase your backlinks
3) Link Exchange

4) Participate in Forums

Use your site link with a nice anchor text on the signatures of Forums. Keep posting on forums and they would probably increase your backlinks. Don’t make them spammy as they would be deleted by the moderators there at the forums.
You can search for forums or I know a few of them:
Digital Point Forums
SitePoint Forums Forums
Web Talk Forums
You would be interested in finding more !
5) Bait your link

This might be a new term for you, Link baiting means creating a controversy and an interesting post in your site and telling about it to others on forums, this will help in increasing backlinks and also other will talk about your blog, so backlinks keep increasing !

Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times

If you’re sending out hundreds of reciprocal link requests each week and have a 14 page links section on your site, please do the following:
1. Find the time listed on the bottom right hand side of your monitor.
2. Place your mouse cursor over it and double click
3. Please change the year on your calendar from 2003 to 2006
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Top 5 Ways to Build Links and Traffic For Google

#1 – Article Marketing – Use Article directories such as here’s a huge list but Ezinearticles is the best IMO

If you can justify the cost you can find writers here at DP, http://www.getafreelancer make sure you that you request atleast a few samples from your writer and that they can write and speak in the language you want the articles written in.
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The 10 Top SEO Tips

Be bold. Use the tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do NOT use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice is plenty.

Deep linking. Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible. What does it tell a search engine when other web sites are linking to different pages on your site? That you obviously have lots of worthwhile content. What does it tell a search engine that all your links are coming in to the home page? That you have a shallow site of little value, or that your links were generated by automation rather than by the value of your site. Here is an example of deep linking, in this case to my personal happiness workbook. Continue reading “The 10 Top SEO Tips”