Answering Service

Answering Services are companies that provide professionals to answer phone lines and take messages or re-route calls to the appropriate places. In general Answering Services don’t provide information to callers. Hiring an Answering Service can save time, money, and perhaps even your business by allowing you to focus on the core functions of your business without numerous interruptions while still providing a human being for your clients to speak to a. This last concept should not be under-rated. Most people would rather speak to a real person rather than navigate an automated system. Having an Answering Service could be the customer service advantage you need to win clients. Continue reading “Answering Service”

* Through link exchanges with related blogs and sites
* By making useful comments on other websites and blogs so that
click your link to your site
* Posting in related forums and newsgroups
* Via article marketing where you put your link in the resource box
* By posting free resources on your website so that other websites can
link to them

These are just some of the ways. Natural one-way link building is the best since they are the most valuable in terms of high search engine ranking as they measure your website link popularity by counting the number of one-way links coming into it.

what is Long Tail Search?

It’s anything but new.
It’s how people use search engines – they actually don’t generally type in “credit cards” or “shoes” they type in long phrases like “credit cards with free gifts” or “black shoes for sale in Iowa”
You can use it to your advantage in articles, and anchor texts – the technique is to have lots of long-tails – none of them searched for much, but get lots of them and it builds up into useful search volume.

What is the Long Tail of Search?

If you’re relatively new to the business of search engine optimization, you may have heard the term “long tail” being bandied about, often without much of an explanation. You may even have heard people talking about making money on the long tail of search. What is it, and how can it help you?

This term “long tail” actually has a little history behind it. While the earliest use of similar terms dates to March 2003, it really began to strike a chord with SEOs and SEMs in October 2004 with one of those paradigm-changing articles that alters the way everyone looks at things – in this case, the entertainment business (and other businesses by extension, as you’ll see in a moment). The article was written by Chris Anderson, published by Wired, and called “The Long Tail.” Naturally, it has implications way beyond that business, but for our purposes, it works well enough to start there. Continue reading “what is Long Tail Search?”

How to get into the top 10

You can create blogs for specific keywords you want to promote and use anchor text in content. article syndication and directory submissions can also be helpful for increasing ranking in serp.

Social bookmarking is the best way try in digg.

You can look what the competition is doing and do it better….

You can start posting in do follow forums

Have a footer and submit your site map on google’s “add url” for fast indexing.

Top 10 Bad SEO Ideas

1. Relying on keyword metatags

2. Stuff keywords in invisible text

3.Purchase Links

4. Horde Page Rank

5. Swap Links

6. Implement duplicate content

7. Use Session IDs on your URLs

8.Implement your site in Flash

9. Use lots of Javascript

10. Cloaking