Insurance Settlement

An Insurance Settlement is the payment of proceeds by an insurance company to the insured to settle an insurance claim within the guidelines stipulated in the insurance policy. Insurance settlements are usually paid as structured settlements not as lump sums. Insurance companies will usually try to negotiate the best settlement for themselves which is not usually the best settlement for the insured client. Insurance Settlement Lawyers are experienced. They can help to negotiate a fair settlement for the insured client and maximize the insurance payments. The Insurance Settlement experts listed here are some of the most reputable in their field.

Life Insurance

Life insurance protects those that depend on your paycheck by providing them with a large lump sum should you die. There are two major types of life insurance. Term life insurance is similar to many other types of insurance in that as long as you pay the premium you are covered for the policy term and you can renew it as needed. Cash value life insurance combines insurance payments with contributions to a long term tax-sheltered savings plan. It may be difficult; however, to use your cash value savings for anything other than insurance payments without great penalty. Examples of this type of life insurance are universal life, whole life and variable life. Continue reading “Life Insurance”

Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance protects your house, its contents and your valuable possessions in case of damage, theft or loss. Policies differ from company to company. Things to look for in a homeowner’s policy include: “guaranteed replacement cost” provision, flood/ earthquake riders, “off premises” coverage. If you have a mortgage you are usually required to have this insurance but it is a good idea even if your home is paid off. The companies listed on this page are some of the most reputable in the business.