Online Degree Program

Online degree programs go by many names, education online, degrees online, e-learning, online universities, or online learning. They are all the same, a way for an individual to continue his or her higher education from a remote site. The main benefit of online degree programs is that they do not require an individual to physically attend a class; he/she can instead get all of the course information over the Internet. There are online degree programs for many different subjects and for all levels of degrees, from associate’s to PhD’s. Choosing an online degree program can be a difficult decision. There are many programs to choose from and not all of them are accredited. Researching the programs should be of top priority to anyone planning to attend an online degree program.

Medical Schools Foreign Medical Schools

Medical Schools provide attendees with the qualifications and the degree to practice medicine and are some of the most competitive schools in the educational field. There are hundreds of Medical Schools, Medical Colleges and Medical Universities in the U.S. and abroad AKA Foreign Medical Schools. In 2004 in this country almost 36,000 individuals applied to attend medical school in the 2004-2005 school year. Like all areas of schooling Medical Schools offer many different program types and styles. Teaching style, class size, course relevance, are just some of the many aspects that are different from Medical School to Medical School. The cost of different Medical School programs also varies. Individuals planings to attend a Medical School must complete specific prerequisite undergraduate course work and sit for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Continue reading “Medical Schools Foreign Medical Schools”

Film Schools

In the past decade the number of film schools has grown dramatically!(no pun intended) From just a few there are now hundreds of film schools that range from departments within larger universities, to degree specific schools, to online programs. You can earn anything from a certificate degree in film production to a PhD in a specialized area of film, i.e. cinematography. Continue reading “Film Schools”