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What is Good SEO with Google Today?

1. Get back links from relevant directories with good Page rank and longevity, a good rule of thumb is to look at their Alexa stats as well for traffic. 2. Make sure you are active on all social networks, at least the main ones such as twitter, Facebook, pinterest and linked in and YouTube videos. […]

How to let Hostgator Support PHP 5.3?

Some softwares, such as phplinkdirectory, need to be installed under PHP5.3, but by default Hostgator web hosting only support PHP5.2. How to do then? Just edit .htaccess, which is under your root directory, if there is no this file, you can create a new one, and add the folowing 2 lines in .htaccess: Action application/x-hg-php53 […]

Ways to get e-commerce website ranked

Basics – Keywords, titles, images, content, favicon, url. Unique product descriptions with your keywords, run it through and follow the advice. Make it load fast, SEO your images, provide a sitemap, put your products via feeds into comparison sites like pricerunner or google shopping (base). Create some fancy landing pages for special offers, beg […]

$1 to $4 per clisk, adsense make money

If you want to have higher earning, try creating blogs with good contents in loans. mortgage, and finance niches… I proven it very successful… Today, I got around 5 dollars for 2 clicks… But make sure your content is original and your traffic is from US.

Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques

1. Quality Content When we first started looking at SEO as a separate entity to website build there was one phrase that we would continually hear, “content is King”, and it’s true. There is nothing more valuable you can do to optimise your site for search engines than offer unique well written content. A search […]

Top 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques

1. Hidden Content Top of our list of black hat SEO techniques is hidden content. Hidden content comes in many guises but the basic principle is that within the code for the site there will be content stuffed with keywords, this content will not be visible to the end user of the site. One way […]

Some eyeglasses niches.

cheap eyeglasses $1.18 – $1.59 1 – 3 14 – 17 $20 – $30 cheap eyewear $1.40 – $1.83 1 – 3 3 $4 – $7 cheap glasses $1.02 – $1.54 1 – 3 148 – 187 $160 – $290 cheap prescription glasses $1.29 – $1.65 1 – 3 12 – 15 $20 – $30 […]

Top 10 Small Business Search Engine Optimization Tips

Getting your website popular is more work than you realize. However, there are some basic tips that you can do to connect your website with people searching for your products and services locally. Local search is no where near as competitive as the general, global search market. With these fast, simple and FREE optimization tips […]